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Why you need a new headshot on LinkedIn

October 8th, 2018

First things first.  If your LinkedIn profile pic is from a boozy weekend in Vegas you do not need to read any further.  Book a session with me ASAP so I can help you look professional. 

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For everyone else let me start with a story.  

One of my good friends is a corporate recruiter at a fast growing company.  He spends most of his work days on LinkedIn looking for candidates for open positions.  If he comes across your profile in his search I guarantee you that he looks at your picture.  For some roles, like sales, a professional appearance is critical.  For others, like engineers, it is less important, but it is still important.  If you look sloppy or unprofessional he is far more likely to sail past your profile and on to the next candidate that matched his search criteria.  

In the professional world, LinkedIn IS the first impression you will make with potential new bosses, customers, clients, and even recruiters.  You need your profile picture to be current and make you look like your best professional self.  

I specialize in making photographs of you that will make you look your best.  Contact me today to schedule an appointment.