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About Michael

I love the expression that the human face is capable of.  This fascination is what drives my work in both headshots and portraits.  

Though I am based in Los Angeles, and maintain a small studio in South Pasadena, I am available to travel anywhere in the world. For pricing and availability please contact me here or book a session online here.  I look forward to working with you! 



Anytime I pose for a selfie, or I am included in someone else's selfie, I tend to make a silly face. We all have a selfie look that we we put on when the phones come out, but this rarely represents our genuine selves.

A headshot should not contain these forced smiles or rehearsed poses because they never represent the best version of ourselves. The person these images are designed to help you meet, whether it is a casting director, hiring manager, customer, or the love of your life, can tell when your expression is not genuine.

Nowadays people first “meet” you through these images on social media or your website. You need these images to convey the real you, and the only way to do that is for your photographer to capture genuine moments.

I live to capture these moments with my camera and do so by making it a point during our session to get to know you.  We are partners in this endeavor to end up with those perfect shots, and partners need to understand each other for a successful collaboration.  You can learn more about what to expect during our session here.


For me, portraits fall into two categories; honest portraits and creative portraits. 

Like headshots, honest portraits seek to convey the real you.  Since we all wear costumes as we go about daily life, getting to the real you during a session is a process that we go through together.  

Creative portraits are those where we intentionally put on a costume, often literally, to capture a mood or create a character.  These images are a ton of fun to make and are an opportunity both of us to spread our creative wings.