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Our goal is to capture great images of you, which takes time.  My pricing is structured around time spent together, not the number of looks we shoot, or some other measure.  

Studio headshot package:  1.5 hours - $295

There is no formula for the perfect headshot. Every person is different and it is important that their personality shine through. Whether you are updating your commercial portfolio or looking for more cinematic shots for theatrical work, we will tailor your headshot session to your needs.

With this package we have the option to make creative colored backgrounds in studio, or hit the streets of South Pasadena to take advantage of the environmental backdrops that are within a few blocks of my space.

In an hour and a half we can usually get through 3-4 different looks*.  You can expect 4-6 final images after I complete edits and basic retouching.


You will be provided with final versions suitable for web/social use as well as high resolution versions that are ideal for printing.  


Removing a couple of blemishes or stray hairs is part of the standard package. In-depth retouching, like replacing backgrounds or re-contouring your body, carries an extra charge. The cost varies depending on complexity but the typical charge per images is $40. Contact me for more details.

Location headshot package: 1.5 hours - $495

The location package is the same as above, just done on location. This can mean I bring my portable studio to you and set up in your home or office, or we head out in the world together and use nature or man-made creations as the backdrop. 

In either case I bring an assistant with me to help carry gear and manage the lighting so you and I can focus on making great pictures.

The price above assumes a location within greater Los Angeles.  For other locations an additional travel surcharge may apply.

Group Session

If you are looking to capture headshots of your team I can also provide rapid-fire group sessions either in studio or on location.  This is limited to a single lighting/backdrop set-up and takes 10-15 minutes per person.  The pricing is the same as above, though I usually only deliver 1-2 final images of each person.

Additional services

Additional time:  $90 per half hour

For most people it takes about 30 minutes to shoot an additional look.  This includes 5-10 minutes to change outfits, touch up hair and makeup, and adjust any lighting before we start shooting.  

Deep retouching:  $40 per image

My style is to capture an honest representation of who you are, which means I do not normally do any heavy editing.  I will remove blemishes or stray hairs, adjust for color and exposure, etc. as part of my standard package.  Deep retouching means you want me to make dramatic changes to the image, such as changing the background to something completely different or changing/reshaping facial features.  These kinds of edits require significant time in front of the computer and therefore require an additional charge.  

Large format prints:  Prices Vary

All of the images I take are shot at very high resolution and will print well in larger formats.  I work with professional photo labs who can make huge posters and art-style canvas, metal, or acrylic prints.   Your imagination is the limit and prices vary from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on size and material.  

* I define a look as the combination of a particular outfit/makeup/hair/lighting combination.  It takes time to switch between looks and get back into the groove of taking great photos.  As a guide we will be able to capture one look per half hour but that can vary depending on several factors.  We can discuss this ahead of the shoot to make sure we have enough time set aside to capture the images you are looking for.